Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vet was out this afternoon to assess Mandy...

he thinks she's very close to fully healed. Her tendon has softened and really increased in flexibility. He said about 95% good now. We got the go ahead to increase trotting times, so we go to 6 minutes tomorrow and next week so long as she's still comfortable she'll go up to 8 minute. Once we hit the 10 minute mark we'll be able to increase 5 minutes/week.

She's been telling us she's ready for quite a while.

Here's a short video of her trotting.

and walking AFTER trotting.  The farther we go, the better her walk looks. She's usually a little stiff as we first head out, but loosens up considerably after trotting.

I'm just so SO happy about how well she's doing.

and here's me on Fred just starting out this morning.

and what he looks like right now:

Shall we recap?

How he looked the day I tried him out before buying him.
(yes, I felt a little bit guilty sitting on that but was impressed that he didn't fall over)

Amazing what a little bit of consistent care can do for a body.
In other adventures. We went to Spanish Lookout the other day. The water was over the bridge.
I was little skeered.

While there we dropped TWO broken washing machines off with the Maytag Man.

and brought home a working one

I was smart on the way home and took video to record my death if we went over.
(me being a melodramatic chickenshit and all)

Hello, my name is CheekyMare and I'll be your friendly washerwoman this week

Yes, the washing machine broke on Saturday and we already had this much backlog.
(restaurant, hotel, 10 dogs, mom, me, etc etc etc.)


So, that was my last couple of days. How was yours?