Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Today I...

did a lot of stuff.

First, I walked back to my shade house to look at what's blooming.

Maxillaria elatior
 Paraphalenopsis hybrid


Heliconia wagneriana


Epidendrum stamfordianum

Saw mah ponies

Got in the truck and went to Spanish Lookout for...stuff.

Almost to Cotton Tree


Passing through Roaring Creek



Police Checkpoint


Center Road in Spanish Lookout


Mennonite Dumptruck


From the front.

Reimers Feed Mill
(Belize's Version of Tractor Supply Co.)


My selection of supplements.


On our way out I saw these mares grazing in a field.




It was a busy day.
A  pic of some of my loot.

Bobo says it's time for bed.
Night All.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ride # 9 It was a long one.

Or so my ass tells me.
Here is  our ride today.


 What's left of Bree's pretty braid.

Mandy's is looking a little raggedy too.

Fred's still look good though.


That red thing in the tree is Juan picking some Tangerines.


Om nom nom

You can't see them because they were so far away, but there were around 40 wading birds all flying off here.


Almost home.

We did about 7 miles today.

Oh my achin' ass.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ride # 8 Mandy is a puddle jumper...

and you all thought that those were small planes.

Nope. They are also Chestnut Mares.

First, Brisa did NOT want to be caught and put in her stall.(she gets put up as she doesn't like it when the rest of the herd leaves her) She jumped a 5 foot chain link fence last year because Fred went into the stable out of her sight.


We closed the stable door so she gave in and let Juan catch her finally.



I had actually been thinking of ponying her out with us, but everyone was all *het up* so I chose the wiser course and left her home.
What are we going to do with this cute little girl?

This is her running FREEEEEE in my backyard the day we caught her. 
It took four hours
Bree likes freedom!

She was a whole 11.2 hh!
We finally got tacked up and out on the road.

We've had a LOT of rain the last couple days so it was the perfect day to explore more puddles!

Splish Sploosh


and back the other way. YAY!


and then...dun dun dun dun


but she walked through it from the other side.

We went through some old growth grapefruit


Ruby Reds Mmmmmmm!


Juan had me wait here while he scouted a possible path down the bank to the river.


He took the camera. There is the river down there.


That's a Jabiru Stork!


Every new place Mandy always goes nicely with great interest!


Heading home in the twilight. 
(that's a parrot)


The sun almost gone with nearly two miles to go.

We made a little girl's night!

another good ride!