Sunday, June 27, 2010

T.S. Alex, making a sweater from scratch, and a second all weather paddock.

With T.S. Alex slated to slide right past us, the boys worked really hard yesterday morning and moved one entire dump truck's worth of (WET) crusher dust into the small paddock one wheelbarrow at a time.

The girls thought it was pretty nice. Mandy's still not allowed loose to test it out though.

Then...Alex decided to turn to the west and head straight for us. Yesterday afternoon was pretty soggy.

Gypsy was very worried and shadowed me while the other two stayed dry up on the porch.

Fred thought being in was boring, but there was lightning not too far away from us and he likes to stand right out under the power lines.

Pretty much at the worst of the rain and wind.

Bree wanted me to know that her room LEAKS! Humph!

So all the inactivity due to weather spurred a visit from my muse...I started another sweater. 
This one is a lovely grey in  angora with a very soft hand.

 I started the night of June 23rd

and have already finished the yoke, neckline, and armholes. All the thinking work is done. Now it's just mindless scutwork.

^That second pic represents about two unsmoked packs of cigs. Quitting smoking that you can wear. ;-)
Gotta love that.

Almost forgot, the garden this morning is very VERY green.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Finally. Something went right.

After deciding to cover the one big paddock with Crusher Dust last month, the day we were going to do it the heavens opened and we got 14" of rain in two weeks. Being that all the ground around here is made of *White Marl* not only is it slick, it's the kind of ground that will swallow vehicles whole.


The last 10 days have been unexpectedly dry and I snatched at the chance to get the CD down. 10 loads later I have one brand new paddock. :-) I'm so SO happy right now.


One paddock to go.

Doing the big one first means that no matter the weather I will always have a place to walk Mandy.
Even if I can't turn her out in it yet.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I get a drama ...

holiday please?

I think I need a direct vet line. I'm sorry for calling so often so late(or early) to all my veterinary saviours. You know who you are and I am grateful for each and every one of you.

I was relaxing last night upstairs at my Mom's house after we closed and Juan calls me and says he found a venomous snake on my sidewalk right at my gate with the dogs...

He says: She's got blood on her head.

*bang goes the laptop*  

Juan hasn't quite got use of the personal pronouns down pat. He meant the snake... Just about stopped my heart right there.

So I hit the ground running and made it down to my house in record time. Made sure the snake was pinned securely and inspected each dog and all the horses. No visible injuries.

It seems that at least one of my dogs bit a Tommygoff  (Fer de Lance)  instead of the Tommygoff biting them.

Once I was reasonably certain that no one had been bitten, I went down and had Juan put  the snake out of it's misery. Then I took pictures.(of course)

Pinned snake taken on the fly going to check dogs.(it was dark and I wanted to make sure it really was a Tommygoff.

Blood where the snake was found relative to my gate.

Dead Snake. (it was mortally injured)

Pics of the puncture.

Then I went to bed and slept fitfully.

This morning everyone is alive, alert, and feeling fine.
I'm a lucky girl.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

One Dog's Story

part of it anyway.

This is the story of Gypsy. Rescued by the Belmopan Humane Society. (I can't take any credit for this amazing story, only pass it on)


June 30/09 call from Wendy ***** *** ****
Saw a dog in San Martin, [address]. chained to dog house starved almost to death.
Wendy & I went to house, saw dog, Gypsy. Indeed she is dying from malnutrition. She also has 5 puppies trying to drink from her. [Owner], says the puppies are 6 weeks old. 

July 1 – I returned with Patsy . Brought food, (Mash) vitamins, food bowl, info, activity book for children. Dewormed her, Pyrental
Showed them how to feed dog, need to feed her small amounts 3 times a day plus feed the puppies.
Pictures from July 1, 2009

Owner has 3 other dogs, all males, puppies of Gypsy 10 months ago.
Gypsy has been impregnated by her own male dogs.

The owner does not like females as they always get pregnant. I asked her to help get Gypsy healthy by feeding her the food BHS provides and I would find a home for her. She agreed.

July 6, returned with Patsy. Gypsy is thinner if it is possible. The other dogs got hold of the mash bag and tore it open and ate everything. She has not been fed for days as there is sickness amongst the children and the mother is at the hospital all the time.

July 7 – phoned owner, asked if I could remove Gypsy from her premises. She said yes. Had her sign a release form and returned with Patsy in the pm and moved her to foster home, Judith F*****.
Dr. A***** gave her a complete checkup and an antibiotic shot for a light infection draining from her vulva.
Judith to feed her 3 times a day and vitamins twice a day.

July 7th

July 8 – checked on Gypsy. She is eliminating properly, seems brighter and slept well in her dog house. Gets along well with Retsi, resident dog. Introduced her to Leila.

July 17 – Dr. B***** visited Gypsy, gave her anti rabies & dog vaccine. Checked her over, clipped her nails.

Gypsy is feeling much better, gaining strength, going on walks.

July 20 – Lilly walked Gypsy to property to keep Leila company for the morning while volunteer work was being done in Resource Center. Walked her back after lunch. She still has discharge, took to her to Dr. A***** who gave her an antibiotic shot and prescribed quinocalf 2 tablets morning and night for 7 days. Says she is doing very well, is putting on weight.

July 27 – looking good, though she still has discharge. Dr. O***** says spay will take care of that. Scheduled for spay.

July 31

August 4 – Spayed. Judith F***** assisted Dr. B*****. Gypsy was pregnant!!!! She lost a lot of blood. Put her on puppy chow, canned dog food, vitamins. Wouldn’t eat or drink for 24 hours. Put on amox shots every 3 days.

Aug. 7 – eating and drinking and feeling better. Judith to prepare liver for her to build up blood.

Aug. 8 – Dr. B**** put her on Penicillin tablets daily. The day after receiving Penicillin tablet she has stopped eating. Judith admin. Fluids.

Aug. 9 – Gypsy is losing weight quickly. Judith took her to Dr. B**** clinic where she stayed for 3 days. I noticed a pattern of her becoming sick every time she has penicillin. Suggested she be put on a different antibiotic. Poor dog has been taking amox or penicillin for over a month now. Dr. B****gave fluids and different antibiotic shots for 3 days. She is eating again.

Aug. 13 Brought her back to Judith’s, she will recuperate better there. Infection and discharge STILL there.

Aug. 15 – asked Dr. H****’s opinion. He suggested Cefalexin for 14 days.

Aug. 16 – started her on Cefalexin. She has put on some weight since the 13th. Her coat is changing color. Old dead fur being brushed out every day.
Lilly took her for long walk in the p.m. She is looking very well.

Aug 22

Sept. l – endovet
Discharge cleared up
Very healthy – new coat growing
Loves to play in sand
Ready for adoption.

November 9

January 25, 2010

May 5 (with Honey)

Gypsy lives with me now. She is the sweetest dog with a loving personality that defies her history.

I would like to say Good Job! to the Belmopan Humane Society for their efforts.

Thank you for the chance to have this sweet girl in my life.

She's settled in quite well here with my pack and is thriving.

This dog's story continues...