Monday, May 31, 2010

Well, Ra

iny season is here....

Fred says hi.

I say lesigh...(I wasn't really planning on leaving him in the paddock today, but the damage was done when I got there so...)

We did Bree's second backing yesterday. On the road. While walking Mandy.


and Mandy is doing really well with her walking. (no pics for once)

We've been experiencing some spectacular sunsets over the last week. I did NOT play with these pictures.

I wonder if they're connected with that volcano in Guatemala that began erupting last week...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seriously? Seriously. SERIOUSLY!?!

It's all over now...but she nearly has me done in.

All of a sudden Monday night I ran down after getting caught up with a big group at the restaurant to quickly walk Mandy in the dark.

I halter her and lead her out onto the road, she was really good even though it was pitch black and I didn't bother to take Bree.

Half way down I see her stretching her neck waaaaay out. On the way back...she's foaming and dripping drool.


Haul ass the rest of the way back, get her in the stable where there's light and see this.

Oh no... no no no no no no NON!


Yes...that is how I sound inside my mind...I can be kinda loud.

Soooo anyhow, had a vet come out the next day. The same one I called in a panic wayyyy past working hours. She's not a horse vet but she's a good vet. :) (two vets actually)Thank you Jane and I'm so sorry, but I've zoned on the other vet's name... I know we're far far past your normal route.

We flushed her mouth, but other than then seeing fresh blood we couldn't find or see anything going on.

She WAS at least eating and drinking so we decided to come back at it the next day but with sedation.

Yesterday(Wednesday morning) I wake up and Juan tells me she's not tilting her head and he hasn't seen her drool...

Another wonderful vet came out to help in the afternoon and Mandy stood up really well for the IV shot YAY! Then Mike had a good feel round in her mouth.

Nothing there...he found some abrasions/lacerations on her tongue, but whatever caused then was gone. She self resolved.

Whew! SO glad that it turned out to be seemingly minor but jeebus, I'm emotionally exhausted.

This is the third thing...PLEASE let it be the last for a long time.

When Floyd(the horse vet) gets back from FL I'm going to have him come out and have a good look round all three equine mouths to look for potential developing issues that we can maybe catch before they become problems.

I need sleep.

another big shout out to the Animal Medical Center I don't know what we would do without your help.

Especially Mike, Jane, Phyllis and Miriam. You guys rock!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Going Gone by Laura Crum

It came in the mail on Friday and I finished it yesterday. :)

My only complaint...I read too fast. ;)

If you like mysteries, and you like horses, Laura Crum's your go to girl.

I do have one other bitch. I got interested in her books in January, combed the internets and got Every. Single. Book. in the series.(thanks to a wonderful friend who collected them at her house and mailed them down to me in a onener) Except one of the sellers crapped out on me and I missed a crucial book. Ack!

Yes...I am one of THOSE people who have to read series from the beginning. This is driving me crazy.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

She's trying to kill me...

with stress.

Soooo, the scab on her injured leg is now a itty bitty teeny tiny scab and we're rubbing Mederma on it in the hopes of keeping the scar tissue elastic.

She's walking good and without serious evidence of pain although still clearly short in the leg.

Per the vet's instructions we have her still stalled and out twice daily for 10 minute hand walks.

per my gut's instructions I'm as of yesterday also letting her out in the small paddock under close supervision in an effort to prevent yet ANOTHER injury...

Yes, this IS her OTHER hind leg.

It's not that serious, I know, but geeze. Can you just... STOP!?! 


She tried to roll in her stall and cast herself legs up. The injuries are from smashing her hooves against the back window WOODEN  bars... I didn't see it till the next morning(the second time, I was there for the first) but I know for sure what happened as one of my workers saw the whole thing, he just didn't think it was necessary to TELL me. *sigh*

See that long scrape down the cement? That's my mare. I'm so PROUD. >.<

This is the second time she's cast herself in exactly the same place. We've since banked the walls with sawdust.

So, I figure if we can supervise say an hour twice daily in the paddock to give her a chance to roll but not let her run or trot maybe she'll STOP trying to do it in her stall.

As much as she moves around in her stall, she's not going to be increasing activity in the paddock so long as we can keep her from getting silly. She'll just be able to walk farther before hitting a wall.She's out with a flat halter on to catch her if she starts to wind herself up.

 OTOH, I had a real live farrier come out and do all three horses feet. Very happy with the job and I liked her way with the horses too. :)

Her name is Marjie Olson and if you're in Belize and looking for a farrier I'd recommend giving her a try. Her prices are reasonable and it's a LOT cheaper than fixing problems down the road from incorrect trimming long term.

You can get her info from the Belize Ag Report.

She also really took her time and showed both me and Juan where we were going right and where we were going wrong in our own efforts. I would much rather have a professional come and do feet, but I'd like to continue learning myself because...well, because this is Belize and shit happens.

This is what's left of the cut on her other leg.

I had the vet out to look at the new one and he decided it was so clean that as long as I bandaged the amount of drugs she's been on lately warranted NOT giving antibiotics on this one as long as I watched it 

He's out of the country ATM but I have lots of drugs on hand if I feel an infection is starting. It's packed with Sulfa powder and wrapped with a maxi pad and vetwrap/duct tape.

Oooh oooh oooh! I also got books in the mail yesterday!

THAT should fill up my nightstand for a while! I fell asleep reading Plumb's last night.

I also got Laura Crum's newest: