Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fred Is A Dink

I'd rather have a dink than a lame horse though.

There were good moments too but he was obviously feeling good enough to misbehave.
Here he is behaving. 

HOW in the world can a toed out horse paddle like that?

Mandy of course was a complete angel. She's almost always good.(except for Giraffe moments)

She was giving kisses before going out.
It didn't help. More dinky moments.

About 300' from home he decided to behave.

The Brown Dog Club

Left to Right: Gypsy, Mico, Honey


Funder said...

That is a lovely pic of Mandy and Juan (that is Juan, right?). Fred looks like he has such a comfortable jog!

Mrs Mom said...

Fred! You are *such* a poop for your Momma!! Bad pony- no carrot for you! ;)

It is darn good to see you guys out riding again though Cheeky. Glad the kids are sound and going again!!!

Still say Mandy has one of the prettiest faces in horsedom ;)

CheekyMare said...

Fred does have a comfy jog. A more extended trot is pretty smooth too, but considering his behaviour I was keeping my ass firmly IN the saddle.

Mom, we're just going to be taking it slow and easy but yes, it's very nice to be up top again.

Now if we can just keep them working enough that they're too busy to get in anymore trouble.

CheekyMare said...

and yes, that is Juan. I'm very lucky that I have an employee willing to ride with me that also likes horses. It does make things easier. He's not polished, but they seem to like him.(and he can sit a buck better than me ;-D)

Go For Norwex said...
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