Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You know, it was so long since I was last here that I ...

had to go and check to see what I last wrote. For SHAME.

Anyhow, there have been many things happening here all at once and also in succession. a tropical storm,

a hurricane, equine injuries, human injuries, and, finally, a bit of riding.

Lessee if I can fit it all into one post.

Just a funny, If you look close, you'll see that it's a Mennonite taking PVC pipes home with his horse.

Human injury, Juan put the disc grinder into his leg just above the knee. 5 stitches and a near heart attack for me later he's fine.
 Fred did something we're NOT sure about, but somehow panicked, ripped a door(that he wasn't tied to) off it's hinges and fell back into the *tack room* straining a deep hip muscle. The only person present quit right after and we never made sense of his *story*

I have delved into neon tack.
 I tried yucca flowers with scrambled eggs. They're GOOD.(flor de isote)
 I got a Heartrate monitor for the horses. IT has GPS and everything. sodarncool
 The day Fred was supposed to be ok'd by the vet(pictured) we woke up to his hind leg blown up like a balloon.

 Hurricane Richard wreaked havoc on our property and in our lives.(a friend died as a result from events during the hurricane)

 This is 100% grapfruit crop loss. Three weeks before harvest was to start.(a friends farm)

 This was just a very dark storm front moving through. I love that colour.

 Miss Bree had her very first ever official ride. She was a complete star. No fuss, no spook, no buck.

 and...I hennaed my hair.
 Then I went riding with saran wrap on my head. I thing Fred and Mandy were discussing how silly I looked.

He seemed pretty comfortable riding yesterday. We did a one mile, walking only ride yesterday afternoon. He thought we should trot.

 Fred has been coughing a lot lately, we seem to have gotten it under control with 24/7 turnout and Slippery Elm Bark in his feed 2 x/ day.
 All the ridicule was worth it though. :) Loving to way the colour took.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Wow! That's a lot to get caught up on. That's the color my hair was when I was younger. Phooey on Mother Nature and her stinkin' hurricanes.

Funder said...

Welcome back!

Love the biothane and the Renegades. You're looking like an expat endurance rider!

The storm looks amazing and tragic. I'm so sorry for your loss - and for your farmer friends' crops!

My best friend back home almost put an angle grinder across his RIBS once. I still get the heebie-jeebies thinking about that. Poor Juan :(

CheekyMare said...

Yes, lots doin' this is the first time in 19 years of living here that the eye of a hurricane passed over us. Another 20 without would be fine.

Before all his injuries, Fred was actually IN training for a series of CTRs here ergo the endurance gear. That orange bridle is actually his.

We'll get there. At least now I can track his HR for recovery as well as training. Always a bright spot.