Monday, May 10, 2010

Going Gone by Laura Crum

It came in the mail on Friday and I finished it yesterday. :)

My only complaint...I read too fast. ;)

If you like mysteries, and you like horses, Laura Crum's your go to girl.

I do have one other bitch. I got interested in her books in January, combed the internets and got Every. Single. Book. in the series.(thanks to a wonderful friend who collected them at her house and mailed them down to me in a onener) Except one of the sellers crapped out on me and I missed a crucial book. Ack!

Yes...I am one of THOSE people who have to read series from the beginning. This is driving me crazy.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Laura Crum ROCKS!!!

Which book do you need? I can keep an eye out for it over here!

CheekyMare said...

I had to go look it up on Amazon. It was Forged.

A used bookseller SAID they had it, then canceled my order :( I HATE being out of sequence. I think I missed a lot too.