Thursday, May 13, 2010

Seriously? Seriously. SERIOUSLY!?!

It's all over now...but she nearly has me done in.

All of a sudden Monday night I ran down after getting caught up with a big group at the restaurant to quickly walk Mandy in the dark.

I halter her and lead her out onto the road, she was really good even though it was pitch black and I didn't bother to take Bree.

Half way down I see her stretching her neck waaaaay out. On the way back...she's foaming and dripping drool.


Haul ass the rest of the way back, get her in the stable where there's light and see this.

Oh no... no no no no no no NON!


Yes...that is how I sound inside my mind...I can be kinda loud.

Soooo anyhow, had a vet come out the next day. The same one I called in a panic wayyyy past working hours. She's not a horse vet but she's a good vet. :) (two vets actually)Thank you Jane and I'm so sorry, but I've zoned on the other vet's name... I know we're far far past your normal route.

We flushed her mouth, but other than then seeing fresh blood we couldn't find or see anything going on.

She WAS at least eating and drinking so we decided to come back at it the next day but with sedation.

Yesterday(Wednesday morning) I wake up and Juan tells me she's not tilting her head and he hasn't seen her drool...

Another wonderful vet came out to help in the afternoon and Mandy stood up really well for the IV shot YAY! Then Mike had a good feel round in her mouth.

Nothing there...he found some abrasions/lacerations on her tongue, but whatever caused then was gone. She self resolved.

Whew! SO glad that it turned out to be seemingly minor but jeebus, I'm emotionally exhausted.

This is the third thing...PLEASE let it be the last for a long time.

When Floyd(the horse vet) gets back from FL I'm going to have him come out and have a good look round all three equine mouths to look for potential developing issues that we can maybe catch before they become problems.

I need sleep.

another big shout out to the Animal Medical Center I don't know what we would do without your help.

Especially Mike, Jane, Phyllis and Miriam. You guys rock!


Mrs Mom said...

Holy CRAP!!!!!

Good grief!!

OK- so here are some mega major prayers for some QUIET TIME with your beautiful horses down there!!!

Rest up, and keep us posted on how this pretty silly lady is doing!

CheekyMare said...

Thanks...I could sure use them. ;)

Wolfie said...

Holy crap, you've been on an emotional roller coaster! I am keeping my fingers crossed that the next while is uneventful for you!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Wow! That would have scared me to death! The sad thing is she may have been saying "Rats! I've got this popcorn hull stuck on my molar and it's driving me NUTS! You got any dental floss?"

You can only hate horses if you TRULY love them.


Crystal said...

Wow, well they say bad things happen in threes, so I think you should be done now. (Fingers crossed for you)

CheekyMare said...

Scared to death is an understatement. She is a true drama queen. lol One thing is for sure... I'm learning a LOT from her.

I'm going to have to be careful not to downplay issues with my stoic Fredster after dealing with the princess though.