Sunday, June 27, 2010

T.S. Alex, making a sweater from scratch, and a second all weather paddock.

With T.S. Alex slated to slide right past us, the boys worked really hard yesterday morning and moved one entire dump truck's worth of (WET) crusher dust into the small paddock one wheelbarrow at a time.

The girls thought it was pretty nice. Mandy's still not allowed loose to test it out though.

Then...Alex decided to turn to the west and head straight for us. Yesterday afternoon was pretty soggy.

Gypsy was very worried and shadowed me while the other two stayed dry up on the porch.

Fred thought being in was boring, but there was lightning not too far away from us and he likes to stand right out under the power lines.

Pretty much at the worst of the rain and wind.

Bree wanted me to know that her room LEAKS! Humph!

So all the inactivity due to weather spurred a visit from my muse...I started another sweater. 
This one is a lovely grey in  angora with a very soft hand.

 I started the night of June 23rd

and have already finished the yoke, neckline, and armholes. All the thinking work is done. Now it's just mindless scutwork.

^That second pic represents about two unsmoked packs of cigs. Quitting smoking that you can wear. ;-)
Gotta love that.

Almost forgot, the garden this morning is very VERY green.


Wolfie said...

Lovely pictures. My mother tried to teach me to knit a number of times....I just don't have the right feel for it. You, obviously, do. :-) I hope T.S. Alex did not leave any damage behind!

Funder said...

How is everyone? Did you have a good expat Fourth? (Wait, are you American? Well, even nonamericans can enjoy the Fourth, right?)

Carol said...

What a beautiful place you have. It's nice to see the setting in a warmer climate! Hope your riding is going well.