Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Can I get a drama ...

holiday please?

I think I need a direct vet line. I'm sorry for calling so often so late(or early) to all my veterinary saviours. You know who you are and I am grateful for each and every one of you.

I was relaxing last night upstairs at my Mom's house after we closed and Juan calls me and says he found a venomous snake on my sidewalk right at my gate with the dogs...

He says: She's got blood on her head.

*bang goes the laptop*  

Juan hasn't quite got use of the personal pronouns down pat. He meant the snake... Just about stopped my heart right there.

So I hit the ground running and made it down to my house in record time. Made sure the snake was pinned securely and inspected each dog and all the horses. No visible injuries.

It seems that at least one of my dogs bit a Tommygoff  (Fer de Lance)  instead of the Tommygoff biting them.

Once I was reasonably certain that no one had been bitten, I went down and had Juan put  the snake out of it's misery. Then I took pictures.(of course)

Pinned snake taken on the fly going to check dogs.(it was dark and I wanted to make sure it really was a Tommygoff.

Blood where the snake was found relative to my gate.

Dead Snake. (it was mortally injured)

Pics of the puncture.

Then I went to bed and slept fitfully.

This morning everyone is alive, alert, and feeling fine.
I'm a lucky girl.


Funder said...

Wow, that's a tiny snake! All the dogs should get big meaty bones for treats, because whoever killed it is definitely a keeper. I really like snakes in general, but I live in fear of my dog bouncing through the sagebrush and landing on a rattlesnake :( Poisonous snakes just don't mix with people and pets.

Crystal said...

yikes! scary. the only poisenous snake we have are rattlers and they are pretty little and stay away mostly.

CheekyMare said...

There are 9 species of venomous snake here, but we rarely see any of them. I think this is my 4th Fer de Lance in 14 years.