Friday, August 6, 2010

Hellooooo-o-o-o-o.(listens to echoes)

I do apologize. Life here has been a little crazy busy as of late.

Mandy: Doing great. We're up to 55 minute walks and just last week added trotting in hand and walking saddled but not ridden. She has no muscle left to carry a rider. She's been handling the increased exercise with no soreness or heat though. Next week we go up to four minutes and I'm going to add 10 pounds of weight for her to carry.
We alternate days. One day saddled and one day trotting. (this is what me and Floyd the vet agreed on)

Dogs all well and also getting in better shape with daily walks.

I'm also well and trying hard to cut down on my smoking.(partly why I'm been offline as I tend to smoke while I right now)

At least...I'm eating well? REALLY well. A sampling of my meals over the last little while.
Hummus with sliced cucumbers and cheater's kibbies.

Cilantro Garlic Tilapia with Vegetable Rice
 Insalta Caprese
 Lobster Tails
 With Tomato and Avocado Salad

 Whole Fried Fish with Stew Beans and White Rice
 Pupusas Revuelta with Curtido
 Mango Chicken
 Fish Serre with Fufu

and...the restaurant has been busy.

some unothodox lunch clients

Fred is looking absolutely wonderful ...
 Bree says Don't bother me...I'm busy.

Thanks  for your patience and I will TRY to post more often.


Allenspark Lodge said...

Oh, that is SO not fair. I was a little hungry when I sat down to check blogs, now I'm STARVING (I also want a smoke, but won't do it. At least not today).


Wolfie said...

Wow, that food looks delish!!! Glad that everyone is happy and healthy in your part of the world.

Crystal said...

Wow glad you are back! Mmm all the sudden I am hungry, lol.

Funder said...

Well, I suppose you've not been laying on the couch eating bon-bons and not posting... you've been busy! Mandy looks fantastic, but the food looks even better. Now I am going to grab some tomatoes from the farmer's market Tuesday!

Glad to hear all is well. :)

CheekyMare said...

Thanks all for the warm welcome. I ponied Mandy off Fred today and he was REALLY good about it. (She was a little balky, but gave in quick when it didn't get her anywhere but dragged along anyway) Considering the first time he's been ridden since February 8th was yesterday, I am SO impressed with him. What a good boy.

YAY for riding two days in a row!