Thursday, March 11, 2010

The healing commences. *knock on wood*

I have been keeping Mandy's leg as clean as I possibly can. Depending on how her leg looks tonight I'm considering NOT bandaging it for the nightly stalling but using Alu Spray instead.

Yesterday morning it looked like this before turn out.

Last night I did a sooper dooper wrapping job to make sure the bandage did NOT fall off.

This morning she was demanding her breakfast! This picture shows you why her nickname is La Princessa.

NOTHING kills this girl's appetite!

This morning everything was till in place TG.

Sanitary Napkins...not just for periods. ;)

They do a GREAT job soaking up seepage.

Things I now know about Wonder turns into CEMENT when mixed with Serum.

She's worn her toes completely off pawing while waiting for things to soak, to dry, to disinfect...etc etc etc.

Close up look at what's going on.

She doesn't hold grudges though.

Not much swelling and this is day 4.

Kinda overkill on the Alu-Spray.

She's still not walking 100% though. She does seem to get less lame as the day goes on so some of it is from night time inactivity.


Crystal said...

She looks like shes getting better, you must be doing somethin right. She is sure a pretty mare. What breed is she?

CheekyMare said...

Thanks! It looks better tonight. I decided not to wrap tonight and just leave it with the Alu-Spray on. Wash tomorrow morning.

She's a PB Arabian. My first but definitely NOT my last!

Anonymous said...

I think you'll be happy with the Alu-spray. It has always done a good job for me.