Sunday, March 14, 2010

I got lucky...kinda. Update on Mandy's leg.

I had just emailed some friends here asking for some help with Mandy's leg yesterday and not two minutes after I sent the of them walked in with friends visiting from NY. Would you believe that one of them is an equine vet? Seriously? How lucky can you be?

 Abandoning all semblance of manners I did the old corner the doc at a party to ask him about your suppurating toe trick. >.<

They were extremely gracious and went down to look at her leg and give some opinions about followup care.

Basically, he feels that she may have nicked her tendon sheath and started an infection. Bad...that's very bad. But following his advice she's been put on Bactrim and icing the leg 3x's / day. The exterior continues to heal.(there's some proudflesh, but he told me to worry about that later) Once a day we scrub the leg with Hibiscrub then cover with Aluspray.

There was a definite difference between the swelling yesterday and this morning. The leg looked *almost* normal this morning. Tonight...she tried to run Juan over on her way in to get dinner and kicked out at Bree who was running up her bum to do the same thing.

Here  she is all wrapped up with ice packs on both sides of the tendon. 
(I'm not very good at wrapping or I would have her wrapped for more than just icing it.)
I was practicing on the other leg.

A closer look at my crap wrap.

This pic is from yesterday, but it looks pretty much the same.
 These have been on my reading table since Tuesday.


She's still lame. Still has that funny flick to the fetlock.
I sure wish I knew how to wrap properly.


Anonymous said...

Hope she heals well and wow what luck all the best old friend :)

Crystal said...

Wow that is lucky! Hope she heals up good.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm just now seeing these posts about Mandy. It looks like you are making the best of the situation though. Really, the variable that has the most impact in these sorts of things is the dedication of the owner to stay absolutely on top of the injury and any changes it goes through. Looks like you are doing just that. I've seen a lot of worse injuries with grim outlooks turn around because of the intense care the owner gave. It's amazing what healing can take place if things are kept clean, the horse is looked after and kept comfortable, and their bodies are given the things needed to heal.

Keep us posted, and good luck!