Monday, March 22, 2010

Tendon,Tendon Sheath Injuries and Adhesions.

are really really scary stuff.

This much I have learned.

The cotton this morning was doing it's job of absorbing the seepage. The wound itself looked pretty good. No smell, (I even smelled some of what was dripping out and it seemed fine. Not cloudy, good color, no pus)

The cotton had a strange greenish tinge to it and a funny smell, not bad, but funny is the best I can describe it.

I called the vet of course, and he said it was likely oxidation. It didn't look like that yesterday though. He still said no antibiotics at this time. *frets* She had no fever. 98.9 this morning and yesterday was 99.4

Just to be on the safe side we're going to go to a twice daily bandage change.

I also got my ice boots in the mail today and they are in the freezer cooling down so I will need to remove the wrap to apply the ice wraps anyway. Pretty neat they are. *channels Yoda*

They look like this:

I am SO not happy that Mandy has to be stalled 24/7. That means Bree has to be stalled too. Mandy does NOT like to be alone and I don't blame her. If she'll accept it, I will try to switch out Fred and Bree on alternate days but she really prefers Bree.

I have a plethora of supplies coming in the mail but that takes WEEKS! I also have a VERY good friend sending me some stuff rush mail that will hopefully be here the end of this week.

I managed to get some standing wraps and some polos, but the ONE store that sells horse supplies here doesn't stock quilts, pillow wraps, no bows or anything else in that line of needs. I'm living in the stone age.(with internet)

The ice boots are courtesy of another very good friend. I am blessed. Thank you G. and L.

Really. I hugely appreciate all the time and effort you've expended on my behalf.

We WILL fix this and she WILL heal. She may not heal sound, but healing to a good quality of life without constant pain is my goal. Anything else is a plus.Anything less is...simply unacceptable and therefore not within my realm of reality.

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