Sunday, March 21, 2010

I learned how to wrap yesterday...

which is a good thing as this is likely going to be a long looooong road to recovery.

Something popped inside when Mandy spooked yesterday on the lead and synovial fluid gushed out of her leg like it was on tap. This confirms that yes, there was a tendon sheath breach at the very least. Without a ultrasound there is no way to actually know what is going on inside, only guesses.

The GOOD thing is that the fluid that came out was crystal clear (to the eye anyway) which increases the chances that contamination of the sheath has not happened. So far anyway...

The wound continues to look good in itself and we are now wrapping the leg in the hopes of preventing contamination of the sheath and also to help support the leg and keep swelling to a minimum allowing it to heal with as close to a normal profile as possible.

Every morning we remove the entire bandage and allow her some air and movement then we wash the leg with a surgical soap and dry it well. I've decided to help the drying process along with a rub down with rubbing alcohol to increase the moisture evaporation rate.(not on the cut of course)

Then it gets a non stick sterile pad and a regular gauze pad under a maxi pad directly over the cut then cotton batting, and a polo wrap over all of that. Her leg is huge with all its accoutrements...

Said leg:

Poor little girl.

The actual cut this morning.

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Funder said...

Eeeeek, I'm so sorry to hear that! Poor girl.