Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Long time no post. Even private barns have drama it seems. *bloody pictures warning*

Most recently, Mandy cut her leg. In the worst spot ever. I was panicking a bit last night as she was completely  refusing to bear weight. The vet this morning said he doesn't think the tendon is involved however and the lameness is due to pain from the incredibly crappy location of the cut.

I have lots of vet books at home and ALL of them say to CALL THE VET in the event of a non-weight bearing injury. Which I did. Immediately.

While waiting for the vet I did a prelim cleaning and took pictures and video of course. 

right hind, top of the fetlock.

Her spirit is great.

Where's the food? I need food.

A short video of what was scaring me so much.

She's putting more weight on it this morning, and she's on regular turnout unbandaged and wrapped for night stalling.(the paddocks are now dry and well packed) She also had a tetanus antitoxin.

The drama is involving my little one, but I'm waiting till I'm sure it's resolved.


Mrs Mom said...

Cheeky!!! Missed your news lately girl. Hope silly mare heals up quick and does NOT NOT NOT give you another heart attack!!!

Hope everything else in life smooths for you too. Seems like it's been non stop out here in the equi-blogosphere lately for a lot of us. Dont know bout you but I'm ready for a vacation! ;)

Take care down there!!

CheekyMare said...

I need a vacation too! It's been non stop drama for a couple weeks here and I SWEAR, I did NOT invite it. It just fell into my lap.

Funder said...

Oh, poor pitiful mare! Did the vet stitch it or just bandage? Glad she's feeling better today.

I am a big believer in turnout. Glad she's back out in her normal surroundings, not locked in a stall to heal. You rock.