Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Hoof Time.

I'm pretty happy with my farrier. I think she's doing a great job and Fred's (all of them, but it's his feet starring here)feet look great.

I took measurements this morning two days after trimming.

His feet have gotten bigger over the last TWO(TWO YEARS I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!) years.

This morning:

His measurements:

               W                  L
LF:      4 13/16"       4 13/16

RF:     4 15/16"       4 13/16

LH:     4 7/16"        4 5/8"

RH:    4 1/2"           4 5/8"

His feet look huge to me. (keeping in mind he's barely 15hh)

Here's the handsome boy.

and his hooves:




 Why...yes, I do wear inappropriate footwear around my horses sometimes.


any imbalances are more than likely because the recent road work had them worn down to the point that taking enough off to completely balance would have sored him. (he paddles on the front) He's comfortable on all terrain and we're walking over some pretty big limestone.

I'm thinking about ordering some boots.


apocalypsepony said...

My App gelding is 15.2 and his feet are size 2 & 3. First set of shoes he was size 3 in the front and size 2 in the rear. Second set of shoes he was size 2 in the front and size 3 in the rear. Weirdo.

CheekyMare said...

Hahaha. I like weird horses. They suit me.

Crystal said...

Ha, I love crocs! I always laugh mne are poop proof and step on proof!

Funder said...

They look beautiful to me!

Maybe you should order some boots to have on hand, if his feet are stable, but take it from me - don't boot if the horse isn't sore yet. What you think is too much wear is often no big thang to the horse. Listen to him!