Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Three rides in one week. Put a mark on the wall. No food pictures today.

 Mandy's *halfperson*

makes me laugh.

 Fred ponying like a pro. He really makes her have to stretch those legs to keep up to him.
 Waiting for the slowpokes.
 Waiting for the slowpokes...again.

 Almost home.

 Yay! Hose time!
 Little to the left there. Ahhh, yesh. Right there.

Today we worked on Mandy learning to drop behind and come up the other side while being ponied. She done good. I'm so proud of Fred. He seems to be taking his new job(ponying Mandy) very seriously. I think my boy is growing up.


Allenspark Lodge said...

"Halfperson"?!? Well, here in Colorado we have "Quaterhorses"...

Anonymous said...

I love that Fred has a job! Everyone looks just GREAT!!