Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Video. FINALLY. Me, Fred, Mandy, and a little Gypsy.

So, I finally got Youtube to u/l some video for me. FINALLY. The internet has been a complete ass for me for the last month. *kicks shitty ISP*

So this morning Me, Mandy and Fred went out for our *morning constitutional*

FRED BUCKED. But didn't buck me off.

Here we are walking before he decided to buck. (go right ahead and giggle at my getup it ain't pretty but it's comfortable and that's more important)

and here we are beginning the 4 minute trot.
(the buck happened right after Juan turned off the camera)

AND... here is little Miss Bree wearing a saddle. WAY to big for her, but fine for her to get used to swinging stirrups and whatnot.

yeah, as per usual she couldn't care less

When we got home and I took Fred's saddle off I noticed pressure points on his back and that was the likely cause of the buck so good to know it wasn't for no reason and we won't use that saddle again for him.
(It was the first time I had used that saddle on him
It seemed like it fit when I checked it out just before we left)

and here is me walking with Gypsy yesterday afternoon. We were just starting out and she was fresh.

and here we are at the bridge I mentioned in my last post. Huh...the dogs are still fresh and I am decidedly not. Ahh well, we have 3 miles left to walk.

Juan isn't fresh either. Poor boy. He took a nap.

Then on the way home Mico *found* a wild animal. (it was either a deer or peccary still not sure) He didn't catch it, but it took an extra 1/2 hour to find and catch him...

So this is what the sky looked like when we finally got home (well, we're about 600' from home) after the bushwhacking detour to retrieve Mico. (and this is why I won't go out alone) Mico is the one on a SHORT leash.

Dipshit dog.


apocalypsepony said...

I'm an idiot. I posted my comment on the wrong day's entry. So read what I put on the previous entry and apply it today. My bad.

CheekyMare said...

AP!!!!!! HI!!!!!! *waves*

Wolfie said...

Always an adventure! Great pictures. Thanks for giving us a peak.