Thursday, August 12, 2010

She done good...

We trotted an unbroken 1/2 mile. I know that doesn't sound like much of an accomplishment but it's a big deal for us. Now I just need to wait and see how her leg likes the increased activity. Fred was a star again. Even when Mandy bit him on the shoulder. (What a little guttersnipe)

So we rested immediately after the trot and it's possible that she may have been slightly uncomfortable...or the flies were just getting to her. She rested that leg and stomped/kicked out a bit. Seemed a little teeny bit uncomfortable when we resumed walking but she soon smoothed out into a good walking rhythm for the last 1/2 mile home.

So. The daily routine now seems to be:

Saddle Fred

Halter Mandy and Bree.

Saddle Mandy if it's weight lifting day

Mount up.

Juan leads Mandy

Bree either has an Angel or a Saint accompanying her. (Private joke... our other two workmen are named Angel[pronounced AN-hel] and Santos respectively)

I ride Fred ahead and we have our little power struggles going down the hill. By the time we hit the one mile mark we've usually got all the discussions about which direction we're going to go in (mine or his) worked out and we settle in for a two or three minute trot to get the kinks out.

Once we've got that done, Mandy and Bree are hitting around the one mile mark.

Fred and I trot back to meet them and I take Mandy for ponying on the ride back.

We trot the allotted time.(I kind of guessed it today, but we did a 1/2 mile and it felt like it was about four minutes)

Tomorrow we just walk.

THEN there's the dogs. I skipped yesterday as the dogs were just dragging when we hit the last mile on Tuesday(especially Honey). But right now we're regularly doing a 4.6 mile afternoon walk daily up from 3 miles last week. I'm working on making it all the way to the bridge. which will put us just under 6 miles round trip. Awesome. I'm going to have to figure out some way of having a water stop along the way though.

Even when I wait till 5 pm and get back just before dark the temps are still in the 90s most days and it's hard on the dogs.(and me)

Here's a google image of our routes:

 As Mandy improves in her back muscling I'm hoping I can put Juan on her (he's much lighter than I) and we can increase our distances. Today all I'm going to worry about is her leg. She seemed fine on it after resting an hour but... you know, I'm a worry wart.

If anyone has ideas for ways we can improve the routine for the horses suggestions are always appreciated.


Crystal said...

Love the new background you got! its soo cool!

CheekyMare said...

THANKS! Credit for the picture goes to Troy Murrel @ Singing Hearts Farm, MO. I wish I had his skill with a camera! That was Mandy as a 2 year old.(and one of my goals is to see her back in that kind of shape)

apocalypsepony said...

Oh wow. I was wondering how Mandy was doing and someone put your blog link up on FiSH today. Now I no longer have to wonder what you are up to.

She looks like she is doing pretty well.