Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feet! I've been wanting to do this post for a loooong time.

The planets finally aligned!

This morning we were scrubbing Mandy's whitel leg for the third day in a row and applying TAO and zinc cream so I grabbed the chance to sneak in a few hoof pics.

It's been  over three weeks since her last trim but we've been riding every other day for those three weeks so there's not a lot of extra growth and it's an excellent way to see how her feet are handling 9-12 miles of gravel a week.

Here's a front shot of her legs. She's not really that cowhocked, just standing lazy in the hind.

Front Right

Here I see that her coronet is still slightly off level and she's beginning to self trim that imbalance by chiping off on the inside front.

This is also the hoof that likes to grow extra heel and at a steeper angle, but it looks (to me) like that may be beginning to lower all on it's own. Still some chipping at the quarters, but nothing too major.

Here I think I'm beginning to see a leveling off of the heelbulbs.
(I'm also seeing flaky skin on the pastern and so just in case all four have been coated with zinc)

I do see some excess heel, but I'm uncertain as to whether we should trim it or let it wear off on it's own.

For comparison.

Lookit those lovely wide frogs.

You can see that she's still wearing off her toe quite a bit.

For comparison.

I won't go into as much wordiness for the rest but let the pictures speak for themselves.

Hind right





Hind Left





Left Front




Is that...the beginning of...frog slough???

Should I leave it? Trim it?

Poor little Mandy. :(

It's not weeping, there's already TAO on it so it looks greasy.

So that was my morning. I wonder what the rest of the day will hold?


Mrs Mom said...

Looking good Cheeky!

Possible frog slough pic- if you can "probe" into it, flush w/ povodine and watch it. Trim flap back so no debris can pack into the area.

Heels: level them off. The "ideal" is for passive contact- maybe w/ heels about 1/16" above healthy frog. HOWEVER!!!!! Go slowly. Take a bit at a time, and see how MANDY likes it. You have an advantage of being able to make adjustments as you go- so do it slowly. TIME IS ON YOUR SIDE! ;)

The chipping- looking good- just take a rasp and smooth off rough edges so that nothing gets forced up into any breaks, causing more damage.

Point of neatness: check out the "new" growth from the hairline.... see the smooth wall coming now? And the width difference? Not much, but there is a tad there! May not mean much to some but I always love watching that progress. (I know. I'm

Keep up the good work! Things are looking great!!!

CheekyMare said...

Thanks! I was wondering if I was imagining progress.