Monday, January 18, 2010

Ride #3 All Fred Wanted Was...MORE TACK!

Yep. No bucks today. Not even a try at a buck. We also fitted Fred up with a breastplate and a crupper to try and keep his saddle where it should be. I was wondering what he would think about having a crupper under his tail but he didn't even blink. Maybe he's worn one before. Both crupper and breastplat need more holes to fit well, but we made it work for today.

I was laughing as Juan mounted up. Fred's fitted out like he's going on a 50 mile mountain ride.

 Obviously, Fred did NOT stand for mounting. We'll have to work on that.


 He looks a little pissed off here, but I think he was thinking about the crupper.

That's a Fox. I promise it is.

Right after we saw the fox, I decided to try and work on a little bit of leg yielding. Not the best angle for the video, but I think we're getting it. Also a very short canter. I'm trying to keep it to mostly walk and trot.

Steve hauling the citrus loader into place for morning loading.

The ear shot. :)

Fred looks about ready to fall over here but I promise he's not. :)


He's a real pain sometimes but most of the time he's a real good boy.

I keep waiting to find her faults but every ride I just love her a little more.


Noooooo don't make me...

I know! I'll just go around it!

OVER it!

*sigh* Ok, through it. 


She takes good care of me.

Lookit that! Right through the puddle.
(it'll be new all over again next ride I bet)

We worked on walking home like this.


Sometimes it looked like this.

or like this

but we tried to ride a loose rein as much as possible.

I almost forgot. We heard Howler Monkeys fighting and got the sound on vid.

Bonus: You get to hear me and Mandy discussing the meaning of STAND

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