Friday, January 15, 2010

Ride # 2 Never a dull ...

moment with Fred along. This is what we're discovering.

Today's excitement was Fred deciding to lay down in a puddle. While Juan was on him. Twice.

We're learning a lot about this guy with every ride. :)

enough talking here are the pics.

Fred is looking very shiny these days.

Deer and some unid'd animal prints.


Fred Fred're just full of surprises aren't you?
 After the first roll.

Caught the second roll.'s a good thing Juan has a sense of humor.

We went all the way to the river today.


Aftermath of the roll.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL Fred! Glad Juan skipped out of the way when ol Fred went down!! Crazy horses!!

CheekyMare said...

If we manage a ride tomorrow I wonder what he'll have up his sleeve.

We're going to put a breastplate and crupper on to keep the saddle in place with all these antics he's coming up with. Those narrow shoulders of his are no good for holding a saddle. Glad I was thinking ahead and got one of each for him.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope Mandy doesn't get any ideas from watching him!


CheekyMare said...

HA! So far so good.