Sunday, April 11, 2010

As promised. Pictures of Mandy's leg from last night and this morning.

Last night's wrap.

It's amazing how much it's still draining.

The cut itself. Filling in.

The leg is pretty ugly though. She seems to be using it well. I currently have her on 2400 mg Devil's Claw 2 x/day as I am unable to get Bute that isn't IM.

From Bandage changes this morning.

It IS shrinking.

So... it looks better no?

and just for shits and giggles. A few pics I took while  Mandy was resting yesterday.


and a video showing Just how lazy she was feeling.

and to end the post...he's a little look at just what Bree thinks about Mandy getting all the attention.

She's... a very effective communicator.


Crystal said...

Those pics of Mandy yawning are awesome and thats the ultimate in laziness, eating while laying down!

Mrs Mom said...

Looking good Cheeky. Mandy has such a cute face!! Mighty glad you can get those mega duty pads to wrap with ;) They sure make all the difference in the world don't they?

CheekyMare said...

Yes, the yawning pics killed me.

the ultra thin overnight maxipads are what I've been using. They rock. On the pad side you cant even tell it's been seeping until you either tear it open or hold it up to the light.

I WAS using sterile non stick gauze, but it was hopeless, they fell out EVERY time so I gave up once the cut started filling in. I figure the pads have to be *close* to sterile.

Allenspark Lodge said...

Years ago we had and old country vet, in his mid 80's, that told us the wonders of maxi pads for foot abscesses. I've always wondered what the clerks would think when he bought a case...

CheekyMare said...

LOL A friend in the US was just telling me about hiring herself out as a sheath cleaner.

Hitting the checkout at WalMart with industrial sized tubes of KY and a box of rubber gloves...priceless.