Sunday, April 25, 2010

We has a scab...

an itty bitty teeny tiny one.

I realize that this is part of why her leg is so swollen because all that fluid can't just fall out of her leg...but I am SO glad to see it close up for another reason. It is mind meltingly hot here right now with humidity to go with it and I hate keeping her leg all wrapped up. I've switched to thin cotton quilts and thin poly wraps, but...ICK.

I know no one really comes here to read my ponderings so I'll get on with the good stuff. PICS!

This is her sore this morning.

She's itchy itchy itchy and I know part of that is from being all wrapped up constantly. The doc ok'd leaving her leg unsupported every other day to allow it to get some air. What I'm REALLY looking forward to is when unwrapped means NOTHING on the leg instead of a light bandage over the sore.

Her garb this morning. It's close to 100* F and 80% humidity.

I've been rubbing her leg with bag balm the last few days to help with the itching.It won't do any good to heal up the sore and have her chew a hole in her leg because of the itching so I'm trying to get it as UNitchy as possible before removing all protection.

This morning I did something different:
I covered her leg from hock to coronet with Anti-Monkey Butt powder before wrapping it. I think she liked that. I think she liked that a LOT.

It kind of looks like maybe she's a little less swollen today.

Maybe it's my imagination...

I hope it's not.

She REALLY looks forward to her 10 minutes a day out of jail.

*laughs* God I love this mare's attitude. Personality times 100


Mrs Mom said...

Go Mandy!! Nice job getting her back on track Cheeky! ;)

Wolfie said...

She looks good! The walking has really made a difference. I think the swelling is down quite a bit. Good for you!

CheekyMare said...

Thanks! We're going to 2 times a day starting today. I think she's going to like that so long as she doesn't develop heat.

and... while we were walking we had a milestone. When we stopped at the turn around point she put all her weight on her injured leg and rested the uninjured one. FIRST TIME! Whoooo.

Funder said...

Wow, that's fantastic! She's really healing up great, and you are a horse owner of infinite patience.

I really don't miss that kind of weather, either. :P