Monday, April 19, 2010

Mandy is coninuting to improve.*knock on wood*

She's extending it farther back and putting more weight on it.

We went for a ~relatively~ quiet walk last night. (one attempted bite and one attempted rush) On the whole, well behaved considering how long she's been locked in a box.

This is her leg this morning after we iced it and before we re-wrapped.

Look at her USING those tendons!

and the cut itself. Looks a little ooky, but I've been told to not wash more than every 4 days or so. I'm keeping it covered with a maxi pad and either sulfa powder or wonder dust depending on if there's any proud flesh beginning. I only use wonder dust if I see PF.

I think it's looking pretty good.

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Wolfie said...

She seems to be much more comfortable putting weight on her leg. Hope her recovery continues to be uneventful!