Saturday, April 10, 2010

I KNOW I haven't been posting! I have excuses! Part One

I have been so busy with Mandy's leg and also with a guest! Yes, I had a visitor. She's also an Arabian lover and has kept horses for years so it was really wonderful to have her to help and give opinions on Mandy's leg.

I tried to show her all of Belize, but we ran out of time! Here is some of what we saw...

We went to Caracol on the first day.

On the way there:

The Rio On

The toilets at Rio On (At least you have a view?)

Guacamallo Bridge

Juan had to see if the water was cold.

A Strangler fig trunk at Caracol.

We climbed Caana

Poor Nancy's knees.

It feels like you can see forever from the top.

All the dry season trees are in bloom.

Looking down from the very top.

Metates and a grinding stone.

Me and Nancy waiting for Juan down below.

I'm a coward. I come down on my bum.

till I'm far enough down that I don't think I'll die if I fall...

Those ruins are so big they make you feel tiny.

An Oropendola Colony. (We saw THREE Toucans too!)

Walking through the understory.

A whole field of Impatiens.

So pretty.

The road back

It was a wonderful day. :-)

There will be more.


Crystal said...

Wow looks like awesome countryside! How is Mandy doing?

CheekyMare said...

My friend thinks it looks good and she has a lot more experience than me so I'm going to go with that.

I'll get pics tonight.