Friday, April 30, 2010

Hooves again. Mandy...

has some weird stuff going on due in part I'm sure to her confinement and work load.

A short vid from this morning, she's obviously low in the inside of the injured (right hind) leg. Correspondingly she's high on the inside of her left front. We're going to try and fix this tonight or tomorrow.

Her leg seems to be doing well.

Her sole on both hinds is doing something funky.

can you see a kind of bulge? It looks like it's wanting to slough.

She seems comfortable...

Her leg bearing full weight while we were looking at the other hoof.

Look how teeny tiny that scab is!

Angles don't look bad.

Her fronts are wanting to slough too.

Flares are [] thisclose to 


These soles look a little more normal.

The toes that she took off pawing have almost grown in.

Just have to figure out WTH is going on in those hinds...


Mrs Mom said...

Rule of thumb: if the foot *wants* to shed sole, and you do not have to "force" it out, help and take it. Old sole will slough / exfoliate over time. Since she has been in and not exercising as much, this shouldn't be too much of a problem.

CheekyMare said...

Thanks Mrs. Mom. Yeah. We usually just scrape with the hoof knife and what flakes off is all we remove. The way this one is looking though if we trim the wall, she'd be walking on her sole. That's the perplexing part. Do we leave the wall alone until the sole *departs* (hahaha) or do we trim the wall and just let it wear off that way. She has a tendency to chip wall and get sharp edges so I'm trying to avoid that right now with her laying down so much.

I think the fronts look good and I'm really hopeful that we're see the last of her flares this trim.

CheekyMare said...

Forgot to say, that we scraped with the hoof knife on the bumpy part and it felt solid/unwilling to move but looked flaky.

We'll see what happens at trimming time.