Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Something NOT about Mandy. Bree got saddled...

yesterday. She was a star. Totally not phased about anything.

Today, she had her first passenger

I am so proud of her. Too bad she's such a little shit. I'd never trust her with a child.

What she needs is a smart, very small, very light, well balanced adult rider that knows how to keep the upper hand with a pushy mare.

We're not going to be doing *real* riding anytime soon. She's not quite three,(and too small for anyone over 120 pounds) but I think she's mentally ready to learn about carrying a person. We'll just do a little futzing and then leave her be to mull it over.

I'd love to be able to pony her along on trail rides with the other horses though. I think it would be good for both her mind and body.

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Funder said...

Oh, I never really *saw* her facial markings before. She's so pretty! And really a firey hotblooded little thing. Definitely a wild Belizan mustang. ;)