Sunday, November 1, 2009

An introduction of sorts.

 Riding in Paradise

So, here we are. Not quite sure who we is. Other than Me, Mandy, Fred, Bree, and the doghorde.

Me: 36 year old self employed, out of shape re rider looking to recapture the joy of a life with horses. (except I'm doing it in the Tropics instead of the Pacific Northwest where I grew up) You can just call me Chrissy.

Mandy: 2006 Arabian Chestnut Mare

She's a very outgoing, curious mare and it's going to be a lot of fun learning together with her.

Fred: 2004~ish Local Mutt

He's a pretty laid back, ring sour, poorly conformed, sweetheart. (when he's not being pissy that is)

Bree: 2007 Highway Horse

We caught her on Easter Saturday 2008 running loose on the highway. Nobody ever came to look for her so I guess she's mine now. I haven't figured out what her job is going to be yet.(Clown is looking likely)

The Doghorde: Our motley crew of mutts. Cassie, Mico, Bobo, Ginger, Sam, Cookie, Pepper, and Cocoa. All shapes, sizes, and colors. They color my life with joy.

^That's 7 of them...

Mom: That would be my Mom. She's the coolest. Really.

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