Friday, November 27, 2009

Worry of the day is Brisa.

More specifically she's coughing. Twice now. In the stable, same time of night. Only four or five and then she'd quit but it's happened twice in the last week and I didn't like the way it sounded. She has no other signs, but I don't like it. >:

Her is the little brat a few minutes ago out in the paddock.

As you can see...her nostrils are clear.

She has a little weepiness from one eye, but she always has.

See that other red nose poking in there?

Brisa comes for cookies. Mandy comes for me. Mandy doesn't like cookies but where I am she's never far behind if possible.

Little shit. :-)

Ok, enough Mandy, this is about Bree


No cookie. :-(

She is such a little stinker but I sure do love her.


Did I mention she grew? She's a whole 12.3 hh now.

*proud momma*

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Michelle said...

I love her unusual face markings!