Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ride # 5 Looking at things the positive way.

If you do something the hard way long enough you will eventually find an easier way to do it.

Jane put Ginger on Clavamox for her maybe some kind of infection. I've been fighting with her since Saturday night with varying amounts of success to get the damn liquid in her. Sometimes it goes down, and sometimes it comes back up. Usually right onto my *sigh*

However, last night I discovered that if I just pull out the side of her lip and squirt it in she will swallow it with out a fight. YAY! for using your noodle.

Regarding last nights shortened ride I picked out some positive points.

Mandy will head out alone with no issues whatsoever.

She is beginning to look to me for reassurance when she encounters something that worries her.

She is fine with vehicles passing from behind(Steve passed us in his small pickup) when they're driving slow.

I also mounted for the first time yesterday without someone holding the saddle from the other side and it didn't slide.

Yesterday was the first day she didn't pin her ears and get cinchy while tacking up. She must have someone cinch up too fast in the past but we're going slow enough to pass muster it seems.

A couple of pics from the ride. It's a lot harder to get pictures when you're alone.


After we came back

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