Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Progress on the pastures and Mr. Magoo made an appearance.

Juan was out in the pasture planting grass and I thought this would be a good opportunity to walk back and see what changes have occurred since dry season ended.

On my way down to the pastures I saw... MR Magoo the Mango Marauder!!! How exciting. I hadn't seen him in a few months so it was nice to see him still around.


I also saw some nice stuff blooming in the  shade house.


Out in the (pretty much ignored) garden, I happened upon the rare feral squash. That was special.

LOOK, they're breeding!

And some neat looking caterpillars.

Here is a shot from a few months ago for comparison.

See how sneaky I am? I managed to get Mico in here. :D

It was very VERY wet from the recent rains with water runnng over the ground in quite a few areas.


The Tanzania and Star grass seem to be growing well. Para Grass also grows well here, but I've been studying  the nutritional components of the different tropical grasses and Para grass is high in Oxalates which block the absorption of calcium during the digestive process. Not really what you want when you're trying to build strong healthy bones in your horses.

Making pastures from scratch is a long, drawn out incremental process. *double sigh*

We will get there...I just don't know when.


Michelle said...

Love the orchids! How long have you been in Belize and did you take your horse with you, or get her there?

CheekyMare said...

I moved to Belize in '91, but just fell back into horses in '08.I grew up with horses in Canada(PNW) but had to leave them behind with my childhood when we moved here.

CheekyMare said...

Brisa was caught running loose on the highway as a weanling.

Fred was bought from a local horse trainer.

I bought Mandy at an Auction in the US and trailered her down through Mexico with another Arabian bought for a friend. You can find that journey's story here:

It was *quite* the trip