Thursday, December 10, 2009

Because Photobucket is screwing with me this post will be about food...

back from the dentist with two temp crowns and a sore jaw.

When they were taking impressions of my upper arcade they weren't very careful with the goop and I vomited. Ewwwww.

Now that I've gotten the TMI out of the way...WTF has Photobucket DONE?!! $%(&##(%(^

>:  < --- frowny face. Their newest upgrade has made me unable to upload so I can't show y'all the shot I got of a loose horse standing in the middle of the cemetery in Belize Shitty City.


Ok, it's tomorrow and I still haven't figured out how to fix what PB has screwed up. *mad*

Sooo, instead, I'll show you my Lunch. (also the Special of the day for our restaurant)

YumYUM! is it ever good.

Tuna Noodle Casserole. Yeah yeah, not very restauranty is it? Almost looks like home cooking doesn't it?

See that lovely crunchy Cheddar Cheese topping?

It crunched when I broke through it with my fork.

and enveloped me in a cloud of fragrant steam.

That's because it is. Cheers is my home and that's what we make. Home cooked meals.

We make most of our food in house. It's better that way. I'm kind of a boxed food snob...I admit it.

If you have a problem with that, go to McDonalds.


Mrs Mom said...

Oh man, I cant eat any kind of fish (if it lives in the water, I cant touch it... severe allergic reaction.) Anyways-- I cant even eat the tuna cass, but that looks SO good, I might have to make some with chicken!!! Love that the topping crunched... MMMMM

hehe-- knew we'd get along ;) I'm a closet "foodie". Dear Husband is a chef as well as range master/ hoof care provider!! (And I wonder why I can't get rid of the last of the baby weight..LOL)

CheekyMare said...

Every time I go on a trip food is always a major focus of my experiences.