Friday, December 18, 2009

My Friend (one of them) and strange happenings, and an ominous sky...mishmash post.

So, this morning right after I got to the restaurant, my friend came to visit.

This is my friend:

He's a Yellowthroat Warbler

He visits 5-6 times every day

Here he is on a different day

Yellowthroat Warblers are a neotropical migratory species.

Many people don't know that most warblers are tropical in origin and began to migrate north in the spring for the protein flush of the insect hatch to raise their young. So they actually live here and visit there, not the other way round.

I love having birds come in to visit me everyday at work.

If you're traveling to Belize and are a birdwatcher, here are a few good reference books to pick up before you come.

On to strange happenings.

Last night we had friends from down south arrive in the country after a summer north.
 It's a long drive to where they live and work, and they decided to stay in our hotel.

5 minutes after the get in their room, she comes back from the Cabana and says: "Houston, we have a problem."

We check them in everything is fine, he gets in the shower, and she lays down on the bed to rest...feels something funny under her head.

Gets up, ants...ANTS come boiling out of the pillowcase and from under the blankets...

They had nested in the pillowcases.

also in the fridge

My response to her:

Oh!   "I am SO glad you're not a tourist."

We moved them to an ant free room and all was fine.

Seriously, a tourist would have likely FREAKED. Locals....well it's just part of the joys of "Living in Belize"

 Here, they had gone back in the pillowcase where we left them until morning.

Also in the fridge.

Thes ants normally live in the leaf axils of Coconut trees and their common name is Johnny Coco.

Damn Coconut trees. I wanted to cut them down, but noooooo, I got voted down because the look so tropical. *rolleyes*

Noemi, our maid had just cleaned that room on Tuesday. This is what happens when the ground gets saturated from so much rain. Everything begins to move up and there's just not much that we can do but deal with the consequences. It doesn't mean we don't keep a clean place, or are lax in maintenance, it's just one of those things. Welcome to the tropics.

This morning, this was my view as I stepped out my front door at 7 am. It really was pretty, but means more rain on the way. The horses are still in.

Looking Southish



Demi Lu said...

I like your blog is very good !!!...... Merry Christmas!


Mrs Mom said...

Oh geeze-- Ants!!We have fire ants here that are trying like crazy to find somewhere away from the massive amounts of rain falling.. again.. as I type. One second, they are not anywhere, and the next.. POOF! You're getting the snot stung out of you by them.

I'd say stay dry, but it seems like an impossibility for both of us today!

CheekyMare said...

Luckily, the fire ants have stayed outside her so far. I hate fire ants. There are ant hills EVERYWHERE here. One thing I've learned living here...When you stop moving in the Jungle, LOOK DOWN before you look anywhere else!

Michelle said...

Ants choose the funniest places to nest....a pillow? A few years back I had a sugar ant infestation in my clock radio!