Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's been a before we do anything








The whole album. Today and earlier pics. I think it's pretty clear where the imbalances are. I don't think any of them are horrific, but they need work.

I almost forgot. I took measurements again.

Right Front 104 mm Hoof width 118 mm hoof length 27/8 inch toe length
Left Front 103 mm hoof width 121 mm hoof length 3 1/4 inch toe length

Right Hind 99 mm hoof width 117 mm hoof length  3 1/8 toe length

Left Hind 98 mm hoof witdth 118 mm hoof length 3 1/4 inch toe length

Previous measurements on Nov 27

RF: Width~103mm Length~120 mm 2 3/4 inch toe length
LF: Width~103mm Length~120 mm 3 inch toe length

RH: Width~100mm Length~113 mm 2 7/8 toe length
LH: Width~98 mm Length~118 mm 3 inch toe length

Mandy's Hooves

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Mrs Mom said...

OK-- this is just the start of the entire process. Mandy is making good progress. RELAX. Breathe deep. Time is an AMAZING thing when it comes to healing hooves (and entire horses.) Keep a general eye on things, and Leave Her Be A Horse!!

Time is on your side. I promise.