Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fred fell down...

and scared the bejeezus outta me.

He's fine this morning though, not off, no swellings or sore spots. I'm still looking for my heart though... it jumped up into my throat and got stuck up there.

I must have slept tense all night last night as my own back is giving me fits this morning. Thank God Juan had just done his feet so there were no rough edges to cut.

Just back form checking him out again this morning and he really does seem fine. I tooks some pics of his muddy highness, and tried to get a video of Bree but Mandy was hogging the usual.

Mr. Fred finds hay more interesting than me.

and the two silly fillies:

I also had to rescue the stupidest iguana EVER from the dogs. It looks like she got a cut mouth but other than that ok.


Best way to carry an iguana and not get bit.

I'm still holding her tail here.

If you look hard in the center of the pic you can see the water splash where she went in.

Iguanas are REALLY dumb. She was trying to get back to the pond by going THROUGH the dog pen(we have eight dogs) instead of around it.


Michelle said...

Iguanas are so cute! I much prefer them to scorpions, dumb or not!

CheekyMare said...

We just had a run-through in the restaurant this morning.

They're very active lately. I think perhaps because it's breeding season.