Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I haven't been doing a lot of riding...

I haven't ridden in over a month in fact. This saddens me. It's been really busy with the restaurant, and the hotel, and Christmas, and and just keeps getting in my way.

What I HAVE been doing a lot of is reading. Every night when I go home I sit down in my living room deck chair and chlillax just a little while before bed.

Yes if you're still looking for Nemo, I have him. I admit it.

This is what I've been going over the last few weeks. I've found it extremely interesting and informative about how conformation affects a horses movement and also the different types of movement each horse has depending on their individual conformation.

Also how a rider can influence and improve(or ruin) movement through balance and aids.

This book is now on my wish list.

I'll just keep reading till I get a chance to steal away from here. (hopefully soon)


Mrs Mom said...

Sue Harris is AMAZING. She is... well, like a walking encyclopedia. I often have to go back three four five times, and learn something new every time.

Excellent book!!

CheekyMare said...

YES! That's why I keep reading it as every time I glean a new nugget I passed over the time before.

Michelle said...

Well, if you can't ride, reading about horses is the next best thing! Pretty soon, YOU're going to be the walking encyclopedia!