Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am officially disgusted...

Who thinks this is acceptable? Not me that's for sure.

G**** ***se...why are you not answering any of your phones????????(our *clean* rice supplier)

Yes. Proper Rice Is Nice. false advertising in my opinion.

When you open the bag...

this is what you see

does this look like something you would want to eat?

So, we had to buy regular rice in Belmopan as opposed to getting already cleaned rice delivered here, by the normally very reliable Mr. Rice.

I cut open the bag and began the long....tiring...ridiculous task of picking stones, dirt, and seeds out of rice to make it fit for cooking.

If the Belize Rice Industry isn't ashamed of themselves...they bloody well should be. This is just downright pathetic.

Those are my mother's hands.


Although, it did one good thing...

Stopped me from dwelling on the state of my paddocks for a couple of hours.

I took these pictures this morning on my way up from my house.

This is actually my front yard, but you have to walk through here to get to the paddocks from the stable door.

This is the *big* paddock.

I've been thinking of filling the big paddock(which is really not that big) with "All In". Also known as road base.

This is my driveway that was made with "All In"

You can just see my boot in the bottom which gives you an idea of the stone size.

Rain or shine my road can be driven on. I just am not sure if it would be too hard on the horses to be on it all the time and also if it would provide sufficient traction when they get silly in the paddocks.

Like this:


ariemay said...

No, that rice is not "nice."

I love it when the horses have the zoomies!!

CheekyMare said...

I am still annoyed about that rice. Until *Mr. Rice* began cleaning rice and repackaging it for sale as clean rice picking rice was a daily thing for us.

Hours of staff, leaning on a table and painstakingly sorting through to get all the other stuff out. You could never get 100% and a customer once cracked a tooth on a rock in the rice.*zomg dies of embarrassment*

This rice was particularly bad, one hour of three people picking to get 2 clean quarts.

Michelle said...

Wow! I have to say rice cleaning is not on my top 1,000 list of things I'd like to do. That sucks.

Mrs Mom said...

Hey there my rice cleaning pal ;)

Sure thing- thanks for letting me know you borrowed some info. Always happy to spread the word ya know?

More rain headed our way- looking at 2 plus inches tomorrow. Oh. Joy. (NOT) Starting to think WE live in a rain forest too!

Heres hoping Mr Rice gets his act together PDQ for you too.

Shirley said...

The horses were sure having fun, doesn't look like they were having any trouble with the footing!