Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Saurkraut for Scratches???

I'm feeling stressed and frustrated today. I don't know if it's because I haven't gotten Mandy's Scratches licked yet or if I just woke up that way.

Here is a pic from this morning. You can see just under Juan's finger where the main sore is.

Then here on her heels are the new spots.

Yes, I know they're tiny.

A couple weeks ago

I'm just not seeing any healing. And I haven't been scrubbing it constantly so the irritation shouldn't be a result of me scrubbing off her naturally protective skin oils. If anything, as I've gotten older I've tended to take a less is more attitude, but that doesn't seem to be working in this instance.

She needs some copper and over the last two weeks searching the whole country high and low I haven't been able to find any semblance of a suitable supplement.

I even looked for Copper Sulfate, in the plumbing stores as a last ditch effort. She is on a mixed loose mineral, the other two are on free choice minerals but she seems to just inhale the stuff. As it's a complete supplement including Selenium, I worry about her taking in too much in the desire for more copper. :-\

No, I am NOT feeling happy today. I know I need to do something...I just don't know WHAT!

This morning, I scrubbed her foot again and with Juan's help and through Mandy's vigorous protests got the scab off and washed the entire foot with Johnson's Baby soap as I figure over drying her foot isn't good either. Rinsed it well and dried it with a towel.

Gave her 10 minutes in the stall to let it air dry and smeared Desitin from her heels to her fetlocks all round the pastern. Kept her in till just now and am putting her and Bree out in the small paddock. It's wet, but not mucky as it has a good slope for drainage and a sandy top. I'm hoping she doesn't pick up too much sand , but will be washing her foot again tonight when she comes in.

So, one of the remedies I have heard about to help cure this dreaded disease is to take a bread bag, put the bag over the foot, and pour a can (or two or three) until all of the scratches are covered in the Kraut. Then wrap the foot and pastern to keep it protected. Wrap the hoof with DT to keep it together and leave it for three days...

When you unwrap the foot the Scratches are gone.

Has anyone ever done this? One of by best and most referred to books "How To Be Your Own Veterinarian(Sometimes)"  was where I first read about this strange cure.

I wonder what soaking a hoof for that long would do to the wall...

Jus because I happen to be having lunch as I type this...

Here's my lunch.

1/2 Pound of Shrimp with melted butter, Garlic Bread, and a side of Tzatziki to sop the bread in.

It helps me think...

If anyone has any thoughts on Scratches/Mud Fever and dealing with them, please feel free to share.

I just can't keep her in 24/7, that's no good for her either. She's not the type that does well cooped up.


Mrs Mom said...

Best thing we've seen to deal with scratches is what you are already doing. Keep it clean, and slather it with Desitin.

If I hear of anything else, I'll pass it along!!

Michelle said...

Never heard of that one...I'm not too sure about that length of time soaking either....I'd stick with Mrs Mom I think.

Anonymous said...

Best tx I've ever found for scratches, you will need a prescription, though:

100 mg betamethosone (IV suspension) gets mixed into 8oz of Furacin. Then mix that w/8 oz of desitin oint ( the 40% zinc oxide one). Apply daily to the scratches after the affected area has been gently washed and towel dried. DO NOT touch the scratches and dip back into the jar, or you'll contaminate the mixture. (Get a 100 ct. pack of plastic spoons and throw each away after you use it.)

Last Edited By: Arabhorsemom 04/25/09 13:43:57. Edited 1 times. said...

Try the drug store for some athlete's foot creme. I can get it here at the $1 store which is great.

I have also had good luck with Eqyss medicated spray, and Trail Rite ointment.

Keeping things as dry and clean as possible is also good, and don't feed any clover.

Never have tried saurkraut.

Good luck!

Shirley said...

I use tea tree oil, and kee pth area clean if possible. Tea tree is anti fungal and anti microbial.

Comancheshadow said...

Hi! I would think, that the reason kraut might work, would be that it is in a vinegar sort of brine...all that salt and the fermented vinegar, would smother the bacteria that is behind the sores... I am a registered nurse, and I know, that with bedsores... you are dealing with bacteria that is either on the surface (needing air to exist), or deep in the wound (not needing air to exist) bacteria..... in the surface type, you simply have to stop the air to the spot to kill the germ... in the other, you need internal help, from antibiotics that are in the system through the blood. We used to make a paste of sugar and maalox to kill the surface bacteria... it was a syrup that blotted out all air to the wound. I know that it worked for humans... but, in the tropics... I think I would use the vinegar method...dilute apple cider vinegar with water...and wash the sores with it... several times a day. That may help..worth trying at least! Comancheshadow